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Rental Terms and Conditions

As of June 16, 2022, SADORENT changed its corporate name to: Drivalia Portugal – Automóveis de Rent Without Driver, S.A. hereinafter referred to as Drivalia.

Please be advised that the current SADORENT trademark will not be changed at this time.

This change represents the first step of a rebranding action that will affect all 650 Mobility Stores in Italy, Spain, France, Portugal and the United Kingdom, including the 1,400 electric charging points, websites, social pages etc., as well as the branches in Denmark and Greece which will start soon and which we will keep customers updated on.

If you want to read the rental agreement in its most formal form, identical to the one you will receive when you pick up the vehicle, click here.

If you want to read the rental rules and terms in more everyday language, read the text below.


(made in www.sadorent.pt)

The DRIVALIA rent a car service provided through its website, and provided by the company Drivalia Portugal - Automóveis de Rent a Condutor, S.A. with registered office at Rua José Fonseca Carvalho, 9 2685-869 Prior Velho, is governed by the following terms regarding payments:

i) The request for a rental car uses the double checking method of availability i.e. only after double confirmation is the payment requested to the customer via email with the respective instructions.

ii) For this car reservation, a minimum settlement of 10% of the rental amount requested is required; this amount is intended to ensure commitment with the required vehicle and is non-refundable.

iii) The remaining amount can also be paid when making that payment or when collecting the vehicle.

iv) Up to 24 hours before the start of the rental, on the website or by email, a reservation can be canceled free of charge; payments made, will be returned (up to ± 15 days later) except for the 10% of the rental price referred to in point ii).

v) If the customer does not show up to pick up the vehicle on the scheduled day and time (vehicle is retained for 24 hours), DRIVALIA reserves the right to additionally charge the amount of 1 day of this rental.






Service provided

Car mobility is made possible by providing a vehicle for driving normally by the service applicant. As requested in writing (type of car, dates / times, location), the vehicle is intended for punctual, cyclical or continuous use: rental from one to several days or even months, intermittently or uninterruptedly, requiring no issue contract or rental contracts.

Basic car rental requirements

As a general rule, the driver must have a valid driving license for at least 1 year and a minimum of 25 years of age. There is, however, a conditioned possibility (subject to a supplementary extra) of accepting a reduction in the indicated age (note: in vehicles above the minimum age you can go to 30 years old and your driving license 3 years).

Any additional drivers - must be identified in the rental contract - must comply with the same requirements above and must be requested to be included in the rental contract, subject to a fee for each additional driver up to the usual maximum of three (main driver) and two additional).

It is also usually necessary to have a valid credit card to provide a security deposit (guarantee on possible automobile damage) and to present a valid citizen card, or equivalent document, of the driver (s).


Vehicle provided

The cars in the fleet of different brands and models are divided into the type of vehicles designated by categories - Economy, Convertible, Superior, Commercial Cargo, etc. - which in turn are divided into groups - A, B, C,… - more or less homogeneous (acquisition value, power, dimensions, gearbox, fuel,…).

The customer requests the desired car group and, with availability confirmation at the usual location of the DRIVALIA network, receives the vehicle that is available within the order.

If there is a preference for specific models (brand, color, level of equipment, ...) it will have to be requested in advance to see if it is possible because normally models are not guaranteed but car groups.

(may depend on fuel, transmission, version, ..., but, for example, the following models usually constitute the same type of car: Citroën C3, Ford Fiesta, Opel Corsa, Peugeot 208, Renault Clio, Toyota Yaris, VW Polo - the customer will receive whatever is available)

DRIVALIA also reserves the right not to make the vehicle available if the driver does not have conditions to drive or shows signs of lack of suitability.


Fare inclusions

In addition to the enjoyment of the vehicle, it also includes motor vehicle liability insurance, supplementary collision damage coverage (CDW in international terminology), 24-hour roadside assistance and international car insurance certificate (departure abroad requires authorization). Usually the vehicle must be picked up and returned at the same DRIVALIA station / store. Except for specific commercial agreements and depending on the characteristics of the requested service, there is a certain number of kilometers included in the amount of the requested service (usually referred to in the budget). More kilometers can be made subject to an additional fee.


Deductible and security deposit

Deductible is an amount over which the customer is legally liable for compensation for covered and non-negligent damages that may occur in the vehicle (or similar situations, eg loss of documents or keys, ...).

In order to safeguard this imperative, when collecting the vehicle, it is necessary to provide a real guarantee: a security deposit is made by credit card.

From your ceiling, a certain amount (depending on the car group) is used to deposit the guarantee to be provided. Money does not go into or out of the bank accounts of the customer and DRIVALIA. At the end of the rental operation, all is well, that amount is released. If there is damage then it will be used for your payment.

More than one credit card may be used for the full amount of the security deposit that its holders are present when the vehicle is picked up, as accountability documentation must be signed.

In the event of absence of a credit card or insufficient ceiling, there is a conditioned possibility of making a deposit via debit card by adding a daily extra. Or, through optional extras, the possibility of reducing the deductible and / or increasing the coverage, making it possible to reduce payments in case of covered and non-negligent damages.


Rental period charge

The minimum rental period (via usual means except check) is for 24h steps, even if the vehicle is used for a shorter period. Depending on the distribution channel or specific commercial agreements, the rate may be subject to the rental time (longer durations may decrease the daily rate). The daily value will be the one fixed in the characteristics of the requested reservation. Except for previously agreed situations (credit granting) or reservation signaling (partial settlement of the service), the rental payment is made when the car is picked up without prejudice, for practical reasons, to the customer wanting to do it in advance.


Fuel policy

The vehicles are delivered, depending on the engine, with a certain level of gasoline or diesel (try to have at least a quarter of a tank). The customer must return the vehicle with the same fuel level with which he received the car (Same to Same). If not, the customer must pay DRIVALIA the amount of the missing fuel.

In the case of electric vehicles, it is not necessary to deliver the vehicle at the same level of charge as the vehicle.


Car circulation

DRIVALIA vehicles are intended for use in mainland Portugal. Any departure abroad (country: Spain) is subject to prior authorization request when booking the vehicle and, if granted, subject to the charge of a border crossing fee (to keep the supplementary coverage conditions for CDW collision damage and valid). 24h travel assistance).

If, during the use of the vehicle, DRIVALIA becomes aware of inappropriate use of the vehicle, whether on domestic or foreign soil, the company reserves the right to terminate the rental unilaterally.


Additional rental options

It is possible to request the so-called extras: electronic tolls (rental of a Via Verde device requiring a credit card and service request compulsorily before the start of the rental; the amount of tolls will depend on the vehicle, highways and distances covered), GPS navigation device, device Wi-Fi, child seats (depending on age / weight to be indicated) and additional covers - WDW (glass cover), PAI (personal accidents), ACDW (tire cover, locks and small dents / risks), SLDW (super reduction) deductible and theft coverage), LC (zero deductible + WDW + ACDW + SLDW).

Note that, and as previously explained, there will be extras of mandatory application: if the driver does not meet age requirements (and this conditioned possibility is accepted), if there are additional drivers, if there is a vehicle traveling abroad (Spain), tax collection or return (validated) vehicle outside normal hours (may include holidays and Christmas season days), additional kilometers fee (in addition to those included in the rental), one way fee (authorized return of the vehicle in a different location than the one picked up ) or fees for any other services exceptionally granted (eg delivery and collection of vehicle). These extras, as previously provided by the customer, will be included in the booking quote or, in the absence or impossibility of this information, when the vehicle is picked up (eg if the driver's age is lower than stipulated) or at the end of the rental (eg additional kilometers).




Reservation cancellations or rental period part changes

There is no charge for cancellation of reservations unless it is in the 24 hours prior to the pick up of the vehicle and in this case is subject to the payment of a rental day.

If the rental is paid in advance, the amount will be refunded (up to ± 15 days later) except, in the case of reservations made at www.sadorent.pt, the mandatory 10% of the total rental amount will be paid.

If the customer does not appear to pick up the vehicle on the day and time scheduled (vehicle is retained for 24 hours), DRIVALIA reserves the right to charge additionally the amount of 1 day of this rental.

Early returns of the rental car result in non-fulfillment of what was requested from DRIVALIA, which violates the period reserved for the customer to use the vehicle (to the detriment of possible other rentals). In other words, what is stipulated in the rental contract is not fulfilled and as such it is not guaranteed a refund of the amount of non-paid days.

Anticipations or extensions of the rental period (and the respective charge if there is another 24-hour period) requires a written authorization request from DRIVALIA to check fleet availability / reservations for availability.


Vehicle delivery and collection - possible damage and the like

The customer must return the rented vehicle on the stipulated day, time and place (if not, and after one hour of tolerance, it is subject to possible additional costs and penalties) and in the same condition in which the vehicle was received.

If this is not the case - eg the appearance of dent / scratch on the plate, shredded glass, stained / burned seats, loss or destruction of documents, damaged key, lack of accessories / material, burnt clutch, fuel change, etc. - the customer will have to reimburse DRIVALIA (values ​​subject to specific budget).

When picking up and returning the vehicle, it is inspected by a DRIVALIA employee - the customer can follow up - to check and note any damage (from previous rentals - minor corrections are not always possible to make immediately). This procedure with appropriate notes is registered with the signature of the employee and customer.

When the vehicle is returned and there is doubt about possible new damage, that record will serve as evidence. If there is no note of previous damage, the customer must reimburse DRIVALIA.

Damages that occur during the customer's rental are also subject to the cost of immobilizing the vehicle due to repair (it results in lost revenue - the vehicle is unable to be rented causing loss of sales i.e. reserves).

If, for any reason, the vehicle is abandoned or was returned with the customer absent, the DRIVALIA inspection record for the vehicle will always prevail.

Notwithstanding the preventive and corrective maintenance carried out on the vehicles, if by any chance after a short time after leaving the DRIVALIA premises the customer verifies any mechanical or electrical anomaly (without severe impact on driving), he must immediately return to DRIVALIA to report the situation (or stop and make contact with DRIVALIA - or, alternatively, contact 24-hour roadside assistance) in order not to be charged with the problem.

In any case, if there are problems with the vehicle, you should contact DRIVALIA or 24/7 Travel Assistance (contact details indicated in the rental agreement and / or document bag).

If the vehicle is returned with immense dirt, it is subject to an extra cleaning and washing charge of up to 100 Euros (note that prior to the delivery of the vehicle for the start of the rental, a prior preparation of the vehicle is carried out with a synthetic technical check and proper hygiene - cleaning and washing).


Using the vehicle

The customer must make normal and prudent use of the vehicle and ensure that it is properly locked and in a safe place when not in use. You must put the appropriate fuel (indicated in the rental contract, in the vehicle documents, next to the tank cap) and, especially for long rentals (but not exclusively), check the water, oil and adblue level.

Any expenses with small repairs undertaken by the customer - lamps, fuses, oil replacement, except Adblue - with a value greater than 25 Euros require authorization from DRIVALIA and, whatever the amount, will only be reimbursed upon presentation of the receipt-invoice acquisition and on behalf of Sado Rent SA with tax number 502766883.

The use of DRIVALIA vehicles in sports events (or training) is prohibited, whether official or not.

And, stand out, the customer must comply with the Highway Code, such as only carrying passengers or goods in accordance with the law or not driving under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any substance that, directly or indirectly reduces their perception and reaction capacity.

Fines such as excessive speeding, unpaid tolls and other related infractions are the sole responsibility of the customer.


Accidents - procedure

In the event of an accident the customer must perform the following procedures:

i) Report to DRIVALIA any and all accidents, theft, theft or any other claims, within a maximum period of 24 hours;

ii) immediately call the police authorities whenever third parties intervene or if the vehicle is prevented from moving;

iii) obtain the names and addresses of the persons involved and witnesses;

iv) Do not leave the vehicle without taking the appropriate measures to protect and safeguard it;

v) Do not assume any responsibility for DRIVALIA;

vi) Provide DRIVALIA with a detailed accident report including an accident report drawn up by the police authorities. In case of vandalism, theft or theft of the vehicle, it is essential to present documentary evidence of the complaint to the police authorities, including the stamp of that entity and the delivery of the vehicle key.


Detailing coverage and insurance

The client and / or authorized driver, during the contracted rental period, participates in a civil liability insurance policy in accordance with the legal provisions of the country that covers the risk of personal or material damage caused to third parties.

For each automobile group there is an insurance deductible, normally different, which is an amount for which the customer is responsible in case of covered and non-negligent damages to the automobile. If the damage exceeds the deductible and is not covered or is due to negligence, the customer is responsible for the entire damage to the car.

(note that a deductible is not the same as a security deposit; the first is a legal liability, the second is a real guarantee - usually provided through a credit card deposit - which is requested to ensure the fulfillment of the client's responsibilities)

The contracted rental period also includes coverage:

i) CDW Collision Damage Waiver - covers the own damage caused to the vehicle in the event of an accident due to shock, collision and overturning, with the customer being subject to the payment of a variable deductible depending on the type of vehicle.

The customer can also choose to request the following supplementary coverage in the form of additional daily fees:

ii) SLDW Super Loss Damage Waiver - super deductible deductible to 10% of the normal amount (called reduced deductible) and which depends on the automobile group (includes TW - covers theft and / or loss of the vehicle);

iii) ACDW Additional Collision Damage Waiver - protection up to the reduced deductible amount that covers minor damages / risks, locks and tires in normal use of the vehicle.

iv) PAI Personal Accident Insurance - covers personal accidents, with maximum amounts of 1500 Euros in case of illness or hospitalization and 15000 Euros in case of death or disability;

v) WDW Windows Damage Waiver - glass damage coverage (including breakage).

vi) LC Large Cover - zero deductible with benefits of SLDW, ACDW and SLDW coverage.

With the SLDW or LC extras there is the possibility of reducing the deposit amount in a different proportion than the deductible.

The coverages described above, even if subscribed, are void and the customer is responsible for all the costs of the repair and compensation corresponding to the downtime of the damaged vehicle, whenever it results from:

negligence, misuse of the vehicle, violation of the rules of the highway code, driving under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic substances and caused by poor condition of the roads or paths, generated by mud, tar or other materials used in the construction of roads, caused intentionally by customer and / or occupants.

The insurance and covers also do not cover charges necessary to replace damaged tires outside the scope of their normal use or due to accidental punctures, degraded clutches, damage to rims, tools, interiors and damage to the top and bottom of the vehicle (if there is no collision).

DRIVALIA also reserves the right not to provide these supplementary coverages.


Supplementary information

Prices, unless otherwise stated, include VAT Value Added Tax at the legal rate in force.

In the case of credit customers, if invoices are not paid on the due date, they are subject to default interest at the maximum rate legally permitted.

If it is difficult to collect rent, the customer is responsible for all costs borne by DRIVALIA arising from payments due. As well as for all taxes and fees levied on the rental of the car or the amount fixed by DRIVALIA for the refund of these taxes.

In the event that DRIVALIA is notified, as a result of misdemeanor or unlawful conduct practiced by the customer / driver, the latter is obliged solely for his identification to pay, as administrative expenses, the amount of 20 Euros for the information provided to those entities. In the event of an accident, the customer will pay, as administrative expenses with the respective process, the amount of 50 Euros.

The addresses indicated in the rental contract are agreed as the domicile for any contact, namely for the purposes of citations or notifications. For legal purposes, the signed rental contract is a legal document resulting from the use of the vehicle.

In terms of the client's personal elements, DRIVALIA follows the legal terms of the GDPR General Data Protection Regulation.

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